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Welcome to Koch Construction, where we’re currently under digital construction—think of it as our website’s own remodeling project! But don’t let the virtual scaffolding fool you; our commitment to excellence in real-world renovations is unwavering. Whether you’re seeking a modern kitchen transformation, a seamless addition to accommodate your growing family, a luxurious bathroom upgrade tailored to your evolving needs, or anything in between, Koch Construction is your trusted partner. What sets us apart? It’s our relentless pursuit of perfection, evident in our personalized approach to design, our dedication to getting it right the first time, and our unwavering commitment to cleanliness and respect for your living space. From conceptualization to completion, we stand by your side, ensuring every detail exceeds your expectations. 

Our Process

So you want to build with us…

Kickstart the process by reaching out to us via phone or our website. But then what can you expect to happen?

Information Gathering

Our team will reach out to dive deep into understanding your project requirements, gathering all necessary details to ensure we grasp your vision comprehensively.

Appointment Scheduling

Upon determining that we can assist with your project, we swiftly schedule a convenient appointment, ensuring prompt action and efficient communication.

On-Site Assessment

Our experienced team will visit your home to conduct a thorough on-site assessment, taking precise measurements, capturing photographs, and engaging in detailed discussions to ensure we grasp the full scope of your project.

Design Phase

With the collected information in hand, we commence the design phase, meticulously crafting plans and designs tailored specifically to your preferences and requirements.

Proposal Delivery

Once our designs are ready, we’ll present you with a comprehensive proposal, including detailed estimates, timelines, and plans, allowing you to visualize the journey ahead.

Showroom Visit

We invite you to visit our showroom, where you can explore a myriad of options, discuss ideas, and fine-tune details as we collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Finalization - Build Time!

With your feedback and input we finalize the plans and budget, ensuring everything meets your expectations. Then, we put the plan into action!

Our Projects


Discover the artistry of our kitchen remodels, where every detail is carefully curated for an exquisite finish. We transform kitchens into stunning spaces that marry functionality with beauty. Trust Koch Construction to bring your dream kitchen to life.


Experience the craftsmanship of our bathroom remodels, where every detail is thoughtfully considered for a flawless result. Our transformations turn bathrooms into havens of relaxation and functionality. We seamlessly blend aesthetics with practicality, ensuring a space that reflects your style and enhances your daily routine

Patios & Decks

From enchanting patios to luxurious pool houses and versatile garage updates. We transform outdoor areas into extensions of your home, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living. Let us craft a space where every moment is cherished, and every detail reflects your unique style and lifestyle.

Windows, Doors & More

Experience the transformative touch of Koch Construction as we elevate every corner of your home, from custom windows and doors to innovative fireplace installations and seamless storage solutions. Our team is dedicated to enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your home. 

Ready to build with us?

Give us a call at 319.266.0807 and we’ll get the process started. Or fill out this form and one of our team members will be in contact with you soon. Let’s get building!


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